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and a lot healthier than the high sodium canned stuff.) But I bought a lot of perfectly fine un-dented canned goods for 33-50 cents a can. So even bargain bins of beef don't impress me much. It looked like it was not outdated on the package, though sometimes it can be hard to interpret those numbers. I suspect some factories may sell off the accumulated fraction of product from their assembly lines which may not quite meet specifications. Plus meat from China has likely been frozen for a very long time and I've often noticed can taste, um, not very good. There are also many "scratch and dent" sales on things like brand name canned soups, which I passed.

Publix, super Market's Weekly Ad provides the most up-do-date listings and information for weekly sales at your local. Check back every week to view new specials and offerings. Be bold this breakfast, shop.

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Store Phone, address, bargain Foods 349 Hwy 8 East, pelzer, SC 29669. Also be aware that some items may have involved some type of less than catastrophic defect somewhere along the supply chain. We offer a variety of black, green, and herbal teas in numerous flavors. There are lots of other good cheap sources of protein such as the beans in my list of Bargain Foods bargains lower down this page. This is another reason I'm happy to shop there regularly and to spread the word to help support the owner, his employees, and the local economy. I believe they do take checks. A freezer inventory helps reduce shopping trips (time, fuel, frustration) and allows you to get the most bang for your buck by allowing you to stretch those deals out longer. Try a slice of fresh pear with a dab of peach butter or a dollop of pumpkin butter on a hot baked potato. Good frugal tips for everyone - never carry balances and try to rack up credit card reward points, miles, or cashback bonuses in the case of Discover Card. Watch the below video for a walk-through of various aisles and deals inside this Pelzer discount grocery store. So be cautious before backing up the truck.

They were carting over loose canned goods in buggies while we were there. Lowest price I've ever seen for this weight of roasted peanuts! Credit for below video goes to user: "tashaislovnit" Video Overview of Hair Accessory Bargains in Pelzer South Carolina The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Examples of the Low Prices and Quality We Found at the Pelzer Bargain Food Store: For 195 I alone bought. Cans) 33 cents each Chili Beans (15.5 oz cans) 50 cents/can Mission Chicken Caesar Wrap Kit (kit makes 12).39 Ranch Beans w/ Jalapenos (large.