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knowledgeable about what the curricula is at our local school. However, when the rep started looking at my son's test, the answers were right, but they were not right for the question they were asking. For a 13-year old boy who doesn't wanna go on a Saturday morning, he comes out in a good mood and smiling He enjoys his time there.

My daughter also loves the staff there. But other than that, I'm happy with Sylvan. Sylvan is awesome and they are really friendly.

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The tutors were very nice, welcoming and very thorough. It's worth it if you really want to invest into your kid's educational life, if the kid really needed that much help. They're teaching them different skills to help them. They do a wonderful job and they're all friendly. According to his testing coupons orange county with his reading, it's improving a lot. I decided to take a different approach and went to Sylvan Learning. Can my child read to me, but is unable to tell me about what he or she read?

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