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perhaps because the townsfolk did not want to remember what was done there that day, the teacher is buried next to the children and her grave is unnamed and. The sound of books hitting the hardwood floors on the second floor can be heard, as well. People have reported seeing ghostly campfires and lanterns that disappear when you get near them, the smell of rotting flesh that only some can smell, sightings of confederate and union soldiers that vanish into thin air, and strange screams from the woods. At times she cries in the night, and the life-sized statue of her cries tears of blood if you take something out of its hands. The clerk told them that the window she threw herself from was not actually her bedroom at the time. It has been around since the 1800's.

Although benevolent and helpful, he often frightens people to the point that they will not enter the auditorium alone. Hauntings include forlorn screaming (hence the name rapidly dropping temperatures, and a ghost car. During the same time of year a phantom coach can be seen barreling towards the blue hole and disappear at its verge. At night, the last people to leave will open all the doors down the hallway and as they begin to leave they will look back and all the doors will be closed. The hand rail will shake and keys will rattle with great force. . Still to this day the same sorority resides in this residence on Miledge Ave. Cartersville - Covered bridge - Some say a little Indian girl wells fargo center frozen promo code was hung from the rafters of this bridge and to this day u can still hear the rope swaying back and forth and a little girl crying. Now there have been sightings of her in the woods by her grave inside the camp. Stillmore - Stillmore Cemetery - Old Kenfield Rd - While walking through the black half of the cemetery (being a relatively old cemetery in the south (some new graves, though it is segregated)which is on the left-hand side of the road (going downhill. There has been several times and reports of screaming coming from the wooded 2 acre lot. You can see a clown sitting there crying on the creek bed. Doors also open and close.