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or Revlon's Ciara is, but this is just as smoky and unisex as Opium. Coco, chanel, nose, jacques Polge, year 1984, manhattan New York 1985. Share to: Answered, in, it is a wish that your life will continue to become happier as time passes.

Share to: Answered, in, if your bathroom doesnt promote pure, unadulterated bliss, it might be time to rethink your space. If I had to design a gown that matched the scent it would look like a mahogany or reddish-brown velvety gown, off the shoulders, no sleeves, a matching shawl for your shoulders in a scarlet color, and floor-length skirt. In fact after talking to many perfumistas Coco has received even more praise and love than. It gives us great joy to announce the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Brian Karen Wollenschlager, married on February 14th, 1969. If you wear her in the morning, watch out. This is the biggest selling fragrance of the Chanel fragrance line after. This is a no nonsense gets-what-she-wants mature woman's fragrance. I don't care to label fragrances as "mature" "youthful" or give it an age group but every time I smell Coco an 18 year old fresh out of high school or an athletic 21 year old does not come to mind.

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At the time of it's release, it was very expensive. It was the kind of perfume that announced itself even before it's wearer came into a room. It's a lighter musk and smells like a gentle mink stole, quite similar to paloma picasso. We were always partners in one way or another. This fact is rarely disputed.