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obtain the probability fracn! We compute the expectation by differentating with respect to v and setting v1 and obtain acn! What is happening here is that we first choose the n-1 types of coupons that go into the prefix, where the one not selected goes into the suffix, completing the set of coupons. Zm-1 un-1 G(z,u,v) (m-1)! Divide by four to account for the choice of the last coupon, leaving five draws and three coupons and the term 90v60v2 (the last coupon was a singleton but we did not count it until the very end, see above). free shipping *Hot Sweet! We can simplify the above computation somewhat by using the species of ordered set partitions with singletons marked.

This simplifies to the end result bbox5px, border:2px solid #00A000 H_n sim log n gamma where we have included an increment of one that represents the singleton which completed the set of coupons. N2 sum_mge 2 frac1nm-2 zm-2 prod_q0n-2 fracz1-qz sum_q0n-2 frac1-qzz frac1(1-qz)2 fracn! We then get for the sum of the probabilities (observe that the EGF has morphed into an OGF) sum_mge 1 PTm fracn! YesNo, gifts under 10, code: Show code, dr lark trilane coupons sweet! Save up to 20 off original prices!

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