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department stores across Europe. If youre in love with the way they feel inside on your hands, why not? This isnt to say that Mexico and Japan produce higher quality gloves and other countries do not, its just that the better brands (and the ones chosen by pro boxers) tend to come from these countries. Reyes is a top quality brand, already known for its smaller fit. The hardcore guys who spend 5-6 hours a day in the gym arent going to worry about the 5 minutes it takes to tie the laces. They still look authentic and old school though and not like the machine-molded Pakistan gloves. I want to call them the future of boxing gloves but I also know the industry will never catch up to this guys madness. Gloves should also smell like leather, not chemicals.

I personally dont like it at all and think its a crime that its being sold as this supportive long-lasting new padding technology. There was only a few Rival models available and they were sandwiched in between all the other familiar big names. And could possibly be even the #1 pick for women. .

The only effort they made was to copy the Casanova logo. NFL, go To NFL Arena, scout Staff, nFL Super Bowl Futures: New England Patriots Win It Again? I would not use them for training. Title Black Blast Training Gloves (199) from their flagship Black line. Good wrist support (despite having more wrist space). After a dismal performance from their other bigger/heavier gloves even as big as 18oz, I tried on a 10oz pair of the Dynamic Pro gloves with absolutely no expectations and was surprisingly blown away by the amount of support. . Super high quality, well-made. ALL leather is still the best!

Has been the go-to expert for restoring historical sports gloves, not just boxing but also baseball and many other leather pieces. (All the images I show below are his custom work.) TopBoxer custom gloves hes done tons of work for pro boxers. Im sure they could probably make a high quality glove for a great price if they wanted to, but they arent paid to go that route. . I figuredhmm, looks niceIll ignore the fact that its a clone mold and give it a chance. Everything felt good on my hands. If you know exactly what you want, hell go the extra mile to find the exact materials and colors, and customize every little thing about your glove whether it be the size, shape, padding, and more. See if its a Pakistan clone design and go from there. Those wanting a lot of customization and still a relatively high quality Mexican glove, will go with Zepol and maybe JC Pacheco. . It seems their brand is getting better and better. To be honest, this is the type of crap that only happens when a company is so busy innovating new gimmicks for marketing purposes instead of perfecting their product.

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