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need a working promo code! At this point, you will be able to search for specific coupon codes, manage coupon codes, view individual coupon code usage details, and view coupon code reports). You can see Coupon Reports for more information on usage of your Referral Coupons: And more detail and ROI measurements: Currently, it is possible that a person signs up, gets the coupon, clears their registration, then registers again using the coupon. In most cases you will want to keep this to just a few days so that you encourage people to take action quickly perhaps 72 hours 3 days from the time a person registers and the sub-coupons is generated. Limit to _ transactions for a single user - You can limit the number of times a single user can use a coupon code, while not limiting the number of registrants involved with their transaction. By checking off only Race Add-ons Store Purchases, you allow all users with that code to have its discount applied solely to the cost of their add-ons and store purchases. Tags can be also be deleted at any time by clicking on the corresponding. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience, and to collect and analyse information on site performance and usage.

Single-use promo codes are good for only one purchase, and our community shares single-use codes for RunSignUp and thousands of other retailers. If you would like to offer a fixed discount, such.00.00 off, then use the dollar amount field to set your desired fixed discount amount. After you have the discount amount entered in, decide on what type of discount this coupon will offer. Or you can make it a Discount per Registrant per Event, which will be applied to each events registration fee separately, for each registrant who signs.

Coupon codes, coupon codes caviar promo code los angeles allow you to offer discounted pricing on transactions pertaining to registration, add-ons and store purchases, or all of these at once. This tutorial will teach you how to set up coupons to cover certain amounts ( ex:.00 ) or percentages ( ex: 25 ) of a transaction, and apply restrictions upon their usage options. Important: In order for this setting to work, the Race Registration Fees box will need to be checked as well. We have expanded the Shared Coupon Report data to include the following information: Event Name Registration Date First Last Gender Date of Birth Email Phone Address, City, State, Country, Zip Registration Status Event Cost Total Discount, Processing fee, Amount Paid Bib Number Giveaway. Adding NEW coupon codes. As part of the, referrals.0 release, participants can now receive an automatic coupon to share with their friends and family to encourage word of mouth marketing for your race. Looking for free shipping at m?