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ease of use. This is hands down one of the most frequently asked questions on we get from users on our blog. What do I do? What type of ride you choose and the city youre riding in will also affect the price of your trip. With a powerful marketing tool at its fingertips, theres no question why they offer so many Uber credit codes for new users and drivers. If youre looking to try this rideshare service at a discount, then check out their latest promo code. If youre looking to make the most out of your ride sharing experience, sign up to Lyft as well! This allows you to rate the driver on how they did and keeps them accountable. Uber promo codes, or wondering how to acquire, use, and maximize them, then look no further.

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New riders will try out the platform if they dont have to pay anything for their first ride, and drivers will sign up to drive for Uber to claim some of the crazy high sign-on bonuses the company is offering. Plus, if you use Uber s passenger referral program to earn free ride credit, youll be riding around town with a pocket full of free ride credit. What we love about Lyft is that unlike Uber, the free ride credit rolls over into more than the first trip. After using the app for a few months, I realized just how easy it was to actually use. Come explore our list of the best Lyft promo codes today! If you are a new user, you should know how the app works before you take a ride.